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Moldova and Romania in General

General works on Romanian and Moldovan History.

Ancient and Medieval

Dacia, Danube Principalities, Transilvania till early modern epoch etc.

Modern Romania

This section refers to the modern and contemporary history of Romania. It contains the materials on the history of Romanian lands in XVIII – early XIX centuries, the formation of Romanian united state, the creation of the Greater Romania, Romania under communism and nowadays Romania.


History of Bessarabia: Russian Bessarabia (1812–1917), Moldovan Democratic Republic and Bessarabia as a part of Greater Romania (1918–1940).

Soviet Moldavia

This category contains the books on the history of Moldova as the Soviet Republic. It refers to the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialistic Republic, created in 1924 being a part of the Soviet Ukraine, actually known as Transnistria, as well as to Moldavian Soviet Socialistic Republic, existed between 1940 and 1991.

Romanian Language and Culture

Books on Romanian language, literature, ethnography etc.

Balkans and Central Europe

Books on the history of the region which includes the countries of the Balkan peninsula, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Czechia and Slovakia.

Eastern Europe (Former Russian Empire and Soviet Union)

Books on the history of Eastern Europe, Russian Empire and Soviet Union.


Diverse books on history and humanities.