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Cuvânt moldovenesc (Newspaper, 1914–1917)

The first edition was printed on January 1, 1914 and last on January 7, 1919. The first editor in chief was Nicolae Alexandri, replaced on April 2, 1917 by Pan Halippa. Among the authors were Simion Murafa, Ion Pelivan, Daniel Ciugureanu, M. Ciachir, Gh. Stîrcea, and T. Inculeţ. It was written with the Cyrillic alphabet .

Basarabia (Newspaper, 1906–1907)

Basarabia ( Bessarabia) was the first Bessarabian newspaper in the Romanian (Moldavian) language. It was published in Kishinev from May 24, 1906 to March 11, 1907 twice a week.

Viața Basarabiei (Newspaper, 1907)

Viața Basarabiei (The Life of Bessarabia) was a Bessarabian newspaper in Romanian language, published in Chișinău in 1907. The first issue of the newspaper was published on April 22, 1907. The purpose of the publication was to continue the cause of the closed newspaper Basarabia. The newspaper's editor was Alexis Nour. Viața Basarabiei was published in two versions: using the Cyrillic alphabet “for those who read Russian" and in Latin “for the general intelligent public in Bessarabia and in all countries inhabited by Romanians”.