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Боротьба (Newspaper, 1906)

Borot'ba (Struggle) was a Ukarainain political, economic and literary newspaper, published in Kyiv in 1906 twice a week by Mykola Stakhovsky. The first issue of the newspaper was published on May 27. After June 7, 1906, the newspaper was banned during martial law.

Сніп (Newspaper, 1912)

Snip ("the Sheaf") was a weekly Ukrainian-language newspaper edited in Kharkiv in 1912 by Mykola Mikhnovsky, at the expense of Mykhailo Bilenky. Ivan Franko, Leonid Pakharevsky, Mykola Kononenko, Taras Zhoralsky and others collaborated with the weekly. The periodical covered Ukrainian political and cultural life in the Russian Empire. The first issue was published on January 1, 1912. At the end of 1912, the magazine was closed due to financial difficulties.