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Basarabia. Harta etnografică intocmită de Alexis Nour

Shows 2 boundary types, railway lines, stations and bridges and number of inhabitants by nationality. Nationalities represented include: Moldavians, Jews, Ucranians [sic], Russians Roumaniens who have become Russians or Retenians, Germans (Colonists), Gypsies, Bulgarians (Colonists), Lipovenians (Oldbeliever Russians), Cossack, Bulgarian-Turkish, Polish, Armenians, Various other nationalities, Greeks, French.
Includes notes, ill. and statistics table for the years of 1908-1915.
Nationalities shown "up ot the 1 January 1916."
"Desenată de Trayan Georgescu, C. Ionid şi Alex Nour."
"Acquired by gift Jun 11 1926 from Dr. Bowman."

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